Port activity

Call sign “Nakhodka -13” on VHF channel No39 connects with the port dispatcher service of Nakhodka Ship Repair Yard. The company operates four berth and a pier, located on the western shore of the Bay of Nakhodka. The main objective of the port is providing ship repair and shipbuilding services, as well as transportation of manufactured products to the customers. In general, NSRY port facility is intended first of all to increase the competitiveness of the whole yard.


The port of Nakhodka Ship Repair Yard is open for year-round navigation. The time difference is + 11 hours to GMT, +7 hours to Moscow.

The port operates the necessary equipment for the receiving, technological accumulation of cargoes, issue of accompanying documentation and shipment of goods in any direction. The territory is divided into two parts. The first one is a restricted area for authorized berthing of foreign-flag ships. It consists of pier No. 2 with a length of 180 m and a width of 15 m. Depth at the pier 7.5 m allows to handle vessels with deadweight of up to 7,500 tons. This includes the berth No. 26 (length 90 m, depth of berth 4.5 m) and berth No.31 (length 82 m, depth of berth 4.5 m), where it is allowed to berth the vessels with deadweight of up to 3,000 tons and 2,000 tons respectively.

The second port area is cargo-handling zone. The workload is provided by berth No. 29 (length 199 m, depth at berth 6.5 m), handling vessels with deadweight of up to 5,500 tons. The warehouse within range of portal cranes can accommodate up to 3,000 tons of general cargo. Berth No. 30 (length 120 m, depth at berth 4 m) is designed to handle vessels with deadweight of up to 3,500 tons.

The total area of concreted platforms of the port is more than 27 thousand square meters, 20 thousand square meters are used as open storage areas. The port warehouses allow to accumulate and store batches of various items of general and bulk cargoes.

For handling vehicles – vessels, wagons, trucks – the port is equipped with portal cranes “Albatross”, “Kone”, “Kirovets” with the capacity from 10 opto 32 tons, lift trucks “Toyota”, “Doosan”, “Volvo”. The floating cranes with capacity of up to 300 tons are available in port waters. A unique 64-wheeled self-propelled transporter with a lifting capacity of 430 tons is used for handling heavy and outsized cargos.


The geographical location and existing approach roads for all means of transport provide almost unlimited possibilities for transportation of own products and any other goods.

The yard’s water area is accessed via the open water area of the Nakhodka port.

The distance between the yard’s water area and the open sea is 15.2 km (8.2 miles). The min. depth of the canal approaching the yard’s water area is 9.0 m. The average annual range of the tidal effect is 0.4.- 0.6 m. Minimum width of two-lane recommended entrance canal to the Bay of Nakhodka is 703.7 m. There are no clearance constrains.

The port operates two similar barges with a lifting capacity of 1,200 tons – “Stepan” and “Katya”, which were built by NSRY in 2010 within modernization and execution of orders for the APEC 2012 summit.

But the port is only a part of NSRY transport infrastructure. Own railway branch with a length of 3.02 km connects the facility with the Trans-Siberian railway. The yard’s locomotives deliver the wagons to loading and unloading areas of the yard. The maximum weight of cargo in one wagon is 65 tons, maximum length – 14 m, a maximum height – 5.3 m.

Besides, cargo delivery can be provided by road through two checkpoints, located on different sides of the yard territory. Delivery is possible by road free of main city traffic.