About company

About NSRZ

Main business activities of PJSC «Nakhodka Ship Repair Yard» are as follows:

  • shipbuilding;

  • ship repair;

  • construction of lower bases of drilling towers;

  • fabrication and assembly of steel structures;

  • fabrication of unusual steel structures;

  • fabrication of steel welded tanks;

  • машиностроение;


The total area of ​​the production facility of PJSC “NSRY” is 36.4 hectares. Manufacturing activities are conducted both inside the equipped workshops and on the outdoor areas with the possibility of erecting mobile shelters.

About NSRZ

One of the yard’s key production facilities is the concrete working platform with a capacity of 50 tons per square meter and total area of 30,000 m², 10,000 m² of which are reinforced by the technology of the German company DSI.

The availability of the platform allows to carry out various types of production works (e.g., the assembly of ship hulls, bridge structures, metal structures for hydraulic works etc.) within a short period of time and finish them after project completion.

The monthly output of processed metal can reach 2000 tons, depending on the complexity of the manufactured steel structures and the material used.

Our company is highly experienced in cooperation with various customers, both domestic and foreign. As one of the largest industrial enterprises of the Far East, PJSC “NSRY” was involved in the most ambitious Russian projects “Sakhalin-2 and Sakhalin-1” , construction of the specialized sea oil port in Kozmino, building of pontoon vessels, bridges across the Golden Horn Bay and Eastern Bosphorus Strait, construction of bulk fuel installations at international airport Knevichi in Vladivostok within the APEC summit -2012, etc.

About NSRZ

The successful implementation of various projects on the territory of PJSC «Nakhodka Ship Repair Yard» can be provided by means as follows:

  • Unique lifting and handling equipment

  • Advanced and efficient metal processing and welding equipment

  • Blasting and painting equipment and a mobile painting shop with adjustable microclimate

  • Ship lifting facilities

  • Quays and piers

  • Approach ways (roads, railways)

Specific character of PJSC “NSRY” location provides cargo delivery by trucks via two control posts from different directions. Delivery is possible by road free of main city traffic.

The yard’s water area is accessed via the open water area of the Nakhodka port.

The distance between the yard’s water area and the open sea is 15.2 km (8.2 miles).

The min. depth of the canal approaching the yard’s water area is 9.0 m.

The average annual range of the tidal effect is 0.4.- 0.6 m

Minimum width of two-lane recommended entrance canal to the Bay of Nakhodka is 703.7 m.

No clearance constrains

For loading cargoes on various floating facilities the following means are used:

  • Slipway

  • Portal cranes

  • Floating cranes

  • Roll forward from the berth

  • Other methods for non-routine situations

About NSRZ

The PJSC “NSRY” laboratory of non-destructive testing (NDT) due to its equipping and human resources can perform the following types of non-destructive testing: magnetic powder inspection; penetration test; ultrasonic inspection; ultrasonic thickness measurement; x-ray radiographic inspection.

NDT laboratory can also perform the mechanical testing (destructive test) of the metal pieces, such as: tension test; bending test; impact-viscosity test in positive and negative temperatures; hardness testing; macrography.

NDT laboratory of PJSC “NSRY” meets the NDT System requirements of State Committee for Supervision of Safe Working Practices in Industry and for Mine Supervision and is certified. Besides NDT laboratory is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping as the testing laboratory and has the testing laboratory accreditation certificate.

The chemical laboratory, which is part of the main laboratory, can perform the chemical and spectrum analysis of metals (ferrous, nonferrous and their alloys).

Device owned by chemical laboratory – SPECTROLAB (Germany) allows to obtain the chemical composition of the metal sample within 40 seconds.

Metrology laboratory certified by Center for Standardization and Metrology of Primorsky Region can perform the repair and the calibration of 38 types of measuring devices.

Certification Center of PJSC “NSRY” provides practical training of the welders on 24 equipped training stations, including 8 welding stations for working with stainless steel.

Fore academic training there is an equipped classroom for 30 persons in the yard’s area.