Manufacture of metal structures

Production performance of PJCS “NSRY” related to fabrication of steel structures is 3,000 tons per month. The yard can fabricate steel structures of any complexity with the enlarged unit weight of 1,000 tons or more. It can be tanks, ship hulls, pipelines, stainless steel structures, barges, pipe sheet piles, overhead cranes, bridge structures, modular units and other products. This division employs 200 people.




Manufacturing activities are conducted both inside the equipped workshops and on the open areas; the concrete surface of such areas can resist a load of 60 tons per square meter. By the way, the area was reinforced by the technology of the German company DSI. The availability of mobile shelters allows to start working with various types of steel structures within a short period of time and wind down the work after project completion.

The metal workshop is equipped with the most modern equipment used worldwide at leading enterprises. High performance and full fabrication cycle from sheeting metal up to transportation is provided by means of automatic plasma cutting machine «OMNIMAT L-7000» (MESSER, Germany), Dutch line for processing and sawing metal sections «SPLIT SYSTEM», Italian machine for welding T-beams BWN-3000, Dutch drilling system V-600. Pneumatic-tired mobile cranes DLT-100 and DLT-200 and Multiveller with loading capacity of 430 t. are involved in the process as well.

Another facility is the mobile workshop for blasting, painting and drying of steel structures with integrated climate control system. Italian and American equipment allows the workshop to perform preparation, painting and drying of steel structures with dimensions 36 m – length, 18 m – width and 5 m height in every season, regardless of weather conditions.