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Main business activities of PJSC «Nakhodka Ship Repair Yard» are as follows:


ship repair;

construction of lower bases of drilling towers;

fabrication and assembly of steel structures;

fabrication of unusual steel structures;

fabrication of steel welded tanks;


The total area of ​​the production facility of PJSC “NSRY” is 36.4 hectares. Manufacturing activities are conducted both inside the equipped workshops and on the outdoor areas with the possibility of erecting mobile shelters.

One of the yard’s key production facilities is the concrete working platform with a capacity of 50 tons per square meter and total area of 30,000 m², 10,000 m² of which are reinforced by the technology of the German company DSI.

The availability of the platform allows to carry out various types of production works (e.g., the assembly of ship hulls, bridge structures, metal structures for hydraulic works etc.) within a short period of time and finish them after project completion.

The monthly output of processed metal can reach 2000 tons, depending on the complexity of the manufactured steel structures and the material used.

Our company is highly experienced in cooperation with various customers, both domestic and foreign. As one of the largest industrial enterprises of the Far East, PJSC “NSRY” was involved in the most ambitious Russian projects “Sakhalin-2 and Sakhalin-1” , construction of the specialized sea oil port in Kozmino, building of pontoon vessels, bridges across the Golden Horn Bay and Eastern Bosphorus Strait, construction of bulk fuel installations at international airport Knevichi in Vladivostok within the APEC summit -2012, etc.

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Main direction

It’s our main direction. Short info about our main services

PJSC “NSRY” is highly experienced in shipbuilding. 166 floating facilities were built in the yard’s workshops during the USSR period. Nowadays the shipbuilding tradition is still carefully held up by Nakhodka Ship Repair Yard.
The main focus is made on dock repairs performed on DOCK and SLIPWAY. The production facilities are fully equipped with the necessary tools. In Primorskiy region only PJSC “NSRY” owns the unique slipway, used for the repair of underwater parts of ships.
Ship repair
Production performance of PJCS “NSRY” related to fabrication of steel structures is 3,000 tons per month. Manufacturing activities are conducted both inside the equipped workshops and on the open areas. The metal workshop is equipped with the most modern equipment.
Manufacture of metal structures

Our projects

All projects

Ice class tanker «Sakhalin»

Tanker «Sakhalin» was built by PJSC “NSRY” on request of JSC «Rosneft» and launched on the 8th of August 2014. The purpose of the vessel – loading, transportation and simultaneous discharge of up to four types of petroleum products without flash-point restrictions. “Sakhalin” is a tanker which can operate in ice conditions, and has a […]

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Проект. Танкер Сахалин

Tanks for Knevichi Airport (Vladivostok)

Within construction projects for the APEC summit -2012 NSRY fabricated and installed 50 single-walled and double-walled welded steel tanks for fuel and lubricant storage in international airport Knevichi (volume from 5 up to 100 m3)

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Проект. Резервуар. Кневичи

Pontoon vessels Katya and Stepan

To implement the project for construction of a bridge across the Golden Horn bay PJSC “NSRY” built two pontoon type vessels Katya and Stepan with loading capacity of 2,000 tons. Dimensions 75х15х3,2 m, weight of 1 vessel – 450 t.

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Проект. Катя и Степа

JSC FEP « Zvezda»

PJSC “ Nakhodka Ship Repair Yard” was involved in major Russian project: «The construction of hull plating shop with a metal storage warehouse for the project «Expansion of existing capacities of JSC FEP « Zvezda» for support of building transport vessels». This project is a part of modernization and development of shipbuilding and ship-repair industry […]

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Проект. ЗВЕЗДА

“Sakhalin I” and “Sakhalin II”

For the “Sakhalin II” project in 2003-2005 PJSC “NSRY” fabricated and installed main mechanical outfitting for drilling rigs (in a volume: Carbon Steel – 1250 tons, Stainless steel – 450 tons). Successful cooperation was continued with in the project “Sakhalin-I“ in 2008-2011. NSRY fabricated and installed the ballast system in a volume: Carbon Steel – […]

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Проект Сахалин I и Сахалин II