Turning lathe 1М63

Machine 1М63 is of “Н” accuracy class. It can grind products with a diameter of up to 35 cm (over the support) and 63 cm (over frame). The maximum length of the part for machining – 140 cm, centre height – 31.5 cm.

Spindle of 1М63 machine rotates at frequencies from 18 to 1800 rpm (reverse) and from 10 to 1250 rpm (forward). A braking system of a spindle device is characterized by 11 reverse and 22 forward speed modes. The cross-section of the hole in the spindle is equal to 7 centimeters.

1М63 support characterisrics:

– maximum movement in the longitudinal direction -126 cm, the cross – 40 cm;

– the number of cutters is 4 (you can simultaneously use all four tools, which are installed in a tool head of the machine);

– the distance between the edge of the cutter holder and the axis of the centers – 32 cm;

– rapid traverse – 4.5 m/min for longitudinal stroke along the guide frame, and 1.6 m/min for transverse stroke along the carriage guide;

– one limb scale unit is 1 and 0.05 mm (longitudinal and transverse motion);

– the movement of the support at full turn of the scale – 5 mm (in the transverse direction) and 300 mm (in longitudinal).