Circular grinding machine 3132

Is designed for grinding external and internal cylindrical or conical surfaces by means of plunge-cut and longitudinal grinding and also for grinding of flat surfaces of parts such as washers and for grinding the ends.

Accuracy class as per GOST 11654-84 … В

Max diameter of grinding, mm … 280

Max length of grinding, mm… 1000

Max weight of the processed item, kg:

– loose quill… 55

clamped quill… 300

in chuck… 40

– in chuck with work rest device… 50

Max table travel, mm … 1000

Max angle of turning the grinding head, deg … +-30

Diameter of grinded hole, mm … 15 – 100

Max length of grinded hole, mm … 125

Dimensions, mm: 4975х2605х2200

Weght, kg … 6600